Why I Became a Scientist

Nations develop through their exploitation of the frontiers of STI. The importance of science and technology in a given society cannot be overstated. Also, it should be highlighted that what accounts for such national development is not buildings and equipment alone, but more importantly, it is human capital development. To be able to do exploits in STI, there is a crucial need for good scientists. Nigeria has her share of scientists who have aided the development of this country and of its brand internationally. To continue along the path of development, it is necessary that there is a consistent production of scientists who are skilled enough to lead the country’s STI initiatives. It is on this background that the NAS instituted this book project on Why I became scientist to document the stories of distinguished Nigerian scientists (home and abroad). The project aims to inspire new generations of Nigerian scientists, by sharing with them how ordinary Nigerians were inspired to pursue scientific careers and ended up making an impact in the world! Download