Second Forum on Balanced and Inclusive Education

Second Forum on Balanced and Inclusive Education

The Vice-President, Prof. Ekanem Braide FAS, and Dr.Doyin Odubanjo (Executive Secretary) represented the Nigerian Academy of Science at the Second Forum BIE 2030 held in Mexico City within the period November 20-22, 2018. The Forum was organized by Education Relief Foundation (ERF)in collaboration with the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) of the United Mexican States. The objectives of the Second Forum BIE2030 were

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  1. To launch, formally, and distribute the first edition of the Global Guide of Ethics, Principles, Policies and Practices in Balanced and Inclusive Education developed by ERF, and coauthored with international experts and other partners, on the basis of the recommendations received during ERF’s 2017 series of regional Consultation meetings.
  2. To create a framework of synergy between cross –sectoral stakeholders for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) by concluding the Conference with the international Call for Balanced and Inclusive Education, based on the Global Guide.

The meeting was attended by representatives of governments, academia, academies, education-related organizations and UN agencies. Countries represented included Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland, Philippines, Yemen, Jordan, Djibouti, Ghana, Benin Republic, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Ursula, United States of America and United Kingdom

The meeting began with background presentations on Outcomes and Recommendations from 2017 ERF Regional Stakeholders Consultations. Thereafter, experiences, challenges and opportunities in BIE were shared by various experts and government officials from Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. There were also presentations and discussions on the theme Language as a vector of inclusivity.The Global Guide was formally launched after whichstatements on International Call for BIEwere made and the Call signed. The NAS Vice-President signed the Call on behalf of the Nigerian Academy of Science after making the following statement.

After the conference, Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam held a brief meeting with Prof. Norbert Hounkonnou (President, National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Benin Republic), Prof.Ekanem Braide, Dr. DoyinOdubanjo, Mrs Jaqueline Olang Kado (Executive Director, Network of African science Academies) to discuss a way forward on running pilot projects in Sub-Saharan Africa on the basis of the Global Guide on BIE. A planning meeting was proposed for a date within the second half of February 2019.

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