The Nigeria Academy of Science gold medal prize for science 2017


We are pleased to call for nominations for the 2017 NAS Gold Medal Prize for Nigerian Scientists in the Physical Sciences

  1. Background

The Gold Medal Prize was instituted by the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) in 2016, to be awarded to deserving Nigerian scientists who have made significant achievements in science of national relevance and global resonance. The award is made annually, alternating between the Life and Physical Sciences, and consist of a Medal, a Certificate and a Purse. The 2017 award will be made in the Physical Sciences.

The public announcement of a winner or winners’ will be made in October 2017, and the prize giving ceremony will take place in January 2018

  1. Selection Criteria

Selection will be guided by the following criteria

  • Active involvement in the field of research in the Physical Sciences
  • Scientific excellence demonstrated through published works, patents, innovations, intellectual property rights of merit;
  • Upright morality;
  • Contribution to excellence in basic / fundamental or applied research, for work done predominantly in Nigeria with international resonance and potential applicability to global community;
  • Outstanding, original, ground breaking achievements, widely accepted to contribute to the promotion and improvement of human condition through application of science
  1. Guidelines for Nomination
  • The award is open to all Nigerian citizens within or outside the country (other than Fellows of the Nigerian Academy of Science);
  • Any Nigerian citizen, including Fellows of the Nigerian Academy of Science, may nominate candidates;
  • Each nomination must be made by at least two persons, one of whom is identified as the corresponding nominator whose biodata must accompany the nomination;
  • Nominations shall be made strictly according to the nomination format prescribed below, submitting only one nomination form per person (the nomination format may be downloaded from NAS website)
  • In addition to submitting the completed nomination form signed by the candidate and nominators, nominations must be accompanied by:
  • A two-page curriculum vitae of nominee
  • A complete list of candidate’s main publications
  • Copies of 10 of the most important publications
  • The prize is open to be awarded to a single individual or as a joint prize for collaborations arising from the work of more than one person in the same fields of sciences
  1. Procedure for Nomination
  • The call for nomination for Physical Science in year 2017 opens on the 19th of June, 2017 with a closing date on the 31st of July, 2017.
  • Nominations are to be made electronically. The complete nomination package must be emailed to Email subject should be “Entry for NAS Gold Medal Prize 2017” Preferred file format is *.pdf. Paper nominations will not be accepted.
  • A nomination is not considered fully submitted until the corresponding nominator receives a confirmation e-mail from NAS; confirmation will be sent within 5 business days of receiving a nomination.
  • Nominations must be emailed to not later than 31st July, 2017.
  • The public announcement of winner(s) will be made in October 2017, and the prize giving ceremony will take place in January 2018
  1. Check list of Submissions
  2. Completed and signed nomination form
  3. Curriculum vitae of candidate (2 pages maximum)
  4. Copies of 10 most important publications
  5. Complete list of candidate’s publications
  6. Brief biodata of corresponding nominator

Download the form here     Or Here NAS-NOMINATION-FORM-Gold Medal (82 downloads)