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Visit to Nigeria’s first professor of medicine

Visit to Nigeria’s first professor of medicine

Professor T.O. Ogunlesi FAS became a of Medicine in 1965, making him Nigeria's first professor of Medicine. He is a foundation fellow of the Acedemy as well as a past Vice President of the Academy. He retired in 1983

Ex-UN Diplomat, Ibe to Deliver SPE Nigeria Annual Lecture

A retired diplomat of the United Nations, Prof. Chidi Ibe, will be delivering the Annual Lecture at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Council Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum holding on April 25, 2019. Other high profile speakers...


2019 NAS Gold Medal Prize


The Council of the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) has instituted a prize which will be awarded to deserving Nigerian scientists called the “Nigerian Academy of Science Gold Medal” (NAS Gold Medal)

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2019 Nomination Form NAS Gold Medal

We are pleased to call for nominations for the 2019 NAS Gold Medal Prize for Nigerian Scientists in the Physical Sciences

Download here 2019 NOMINATION FORM NAS Gold-Medal (230 downloads)